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The good news is that our pets are living longer.  However, pets age much faster that we do, so health problems can develop very rapidly in older animals.  We want to catch small problems early before they become major medical conditions.  After all, the average pet ages 6 to 7 years for every human year.

 We utilize a comprehensive approach to protect the heath of your senior pet.  We start by detailing medical history and then perform a thorough physical examination.  We highly recommend diagnostic testing at that time to establish baseline laboratory data.               

 Our senior wellness evaluation includes a fecal analysis to detect internal parasites, a complete urinalysis, and blood analysis covering 50 different tests, plus a heartworm check.  Utilizing this information, we will be able to give you an assessment of your pet’s overall health and any necessary recommendations. 

We also look for arthritis which is so common is the older dog and cat, as well as evaluate the mouth for gum and dental disease which could lead to serious medical complications.

The goal of our senior care is simple.  We want to keep your pet healthy and happy.  For optimal quality care, your senior pet should be re-examined every six months, which is similar to a time span of two years for people.  It is the best way for you to share many rewarding years with your senior pet.

Your Pet’s Relative AgeSenior Wellness Checklist


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Our mission is to help your pet live a long, full and happy life through advanced nutrition, regenerative medicine, laser therapy, and personalized veterinary care.

Dr. Dan Rodgers,
A Righteous Man Cares For The Needs Of His Animal. Proverb 12:10

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