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Giving Tick medication just got a whole lot easier!

Remember the days when you had to give one pill for heartworm prevention, and an additional pill for flea and tick prevention? Well, those days are over! The first all-in-one pill for heartworm, flea and tick prevention is here! It's called Simparica Trio, and it's already flying off our shelves. Simparica Trio is a once-a-month pill given all year round for the prevention of heartworm, fleas and ticks. And, another cool feature is that puppies as young as 8 weeks of age can have it!

Heartworm disease is spread by the mosquito, and it takes just one bite to infect your dog with this potentially fatal disease. Not to mention, heartworm disease is very expensive and painful to treat. Fleas live on your dog, and can lay hundreds of eggs over a months time. Fleas can also cause allergies for some dogs, resulting in severe hairloss and skin infection. Ticks spread lyme disease, as well as other diseases. They need to be attached to your dog for a minimum of 24 hours to spread tick-borne diseases. Having your dog on a tick prevention not only protects them, but your family as well.

This new product is contraindicated in dogs with a history of seizures. Ask our veterinarians for a safer alternative for your dog.


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