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ProHeart 12 is here!

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

That's right, an injection that lasts for 12 months and prevents heartworm disease! We are thrilled to be offering this new way of preventing heartworm disease for our patients.

Heartworm disease is deadly. It only takes 1 mosquito to transmit this deadly disease to your dog or cat, and yes, your pets are still at risk even if they "only go outside to potty". Heartworm treatment is available, but is very costly (about $1,000 or more), extremely painful, and treatment consists of an arsenic-based drug. After the treatment, the worms may be gone, but the damage is still there. The worms can grow up to almost a foot in length, and causes damage to the internal chambers of the heart, blood vessels and arteries. This damage can ultimately lead to heart disease, or worse, congestive heart failure.

Why take the risk? Your pets mean everything to you, so lets keep them healthy by giving them the protection they need!

We still have the monthly tablets Sentinel, Sentinel Spectrum, and Interceptor available, as ProHeart may not be the best option for every pet (ProHeart is not currently available for cats). Give our office a call today if you have any questions about this new and exciting offer!



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